Tuesday, July 16th 1:45 Digital Storytelling Room 401

Presenters: Jason Ohler, Kristin Hokanson

Storytelling is enjoying a resurgence of popularity in the modern age: Teachers are using it as a powerful teaching and learning tool. Traditional storytellers are finding their trade more popular than ever. The message is clear: storytelling is a powerful and highly adaptable form of communication that can be used in a multitude of ways for a vari­ety of purposes. So, what is the secret of good storytelling? Create a story that works, regardless of whether you are a traditional or digital storyteller; regardless of whether you are in business, education, art or simply enjoy telling stories for friends and family.

3:15 Tell me YOUR Story: The Role of Digital Storytelling in Education Room 402

Presenters: Kristin Hokanson, Yvonne Holman

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think about how effective your instruc­tion can be when students include motion and emotion in their work. This
session includes information on planning, tools, examples and rubrics as well as important copyright information to help you create valuable learning op­portunities through your students’ own stories. Walk away with your story told in bits and bytes.

Jason Ohler: Art, Storytelling, Technology and Education

  • Why oral storytelling is important to digital storytelling.
  • Why writing is important in digital storytelling
  • Why art is important in digital storytelling
  • Why digital storytelling is important
  • Media literacy

The Process

Storytelling—process guide

The Story
  • What is the message that you wish to convey to your audience?
  • What is the goal of your project?
  • Who is your audience?

Atomic Learning's FREE Video StoryBoard Pro is designed to give teachers, students, and home movie makers a tool to plan ahead when creating video projects. It is the work of Apple Distinguished Educator Bill Bierden, and can be downloaded ith all rights and ownership reserved. You have permission to use Storyboard Pro for personal and commercial purposes, but may not redistribute the software without our express written consent.

The Media
It is important to think about how your selection of media: Text, Images, Video and Music affect the story you are trying to tell.

The Animations
Kids can tend to get carried away with animations and transitions. Be sure to stress not over using these tools in your instruction.


Same Old Stuff

Online Video Editing

Create a Quick Story
Download images, video and sound and create a 30 second digital story

Class Activities
Three Minute Movie Sequence (from Jason Ohler's site)

Using Open Source Platforms for Digital Storytelling...


Voice Thread: Sample Flat Stanley Visits Yardley http://voicethread.com/view.php?b=1651


Check these examples to see ways that voice thread could be used.
Connect people

In lieu of the traditional…
Where did you go this summer project.

Students sharing their work

Showcase student learning

Colaborative student project

Explaining & reflecting on a student project
Teacher & Student voices—Comic Life

To create a “podcast” with which users can interact

This voice thread explains many other ways it could be used...Would love for some of YOU to add your ideas

Voicethread 4 Education - a wiki that collect examples of how educators are using Voicethread with their students or professional development

Other Idea launching points

Veterans' History Project
Veterans History Project: Ken Burns' Invitation to the YouTube Generation to capture the stories of WWII before they are gone:

Documentaries: Using Multimedia
Eager to Learn (Running time: 5:42)
At Moanalua High School, students use multimedia tools to shoot, edit, and narrate works on topics such as child labor. 8/5/200
Students Find Their Voices Through Multimedia (Running time: 7:41)
The San Fernando Education Technology Team helps Latino students deliver powerful messages through video and the Web. 7/1/2002

Learning About and Preserving Community History
The Geo-Literacy Project
Teacher Eva La Mar's third graders explore the geography and geology of their community by becoming historians, writers, and videographers.
Credits: http://www.edutopia.org/node/3910
The Story: http://www.edutopia.org/node/1042
The Web Site: The Geo-Literacy Project: http://geolit.org/

Creating an Animated Video
Room to Learn: Trailer Bash

This I believe
Create podcasts or videos based on NPR's This I believe...

Be sure when you are searching that you read policies and agreements carefully.

Where to Find....

Although sound can be created in photo story, you may wish to add your own style music. Try one of these sites, but be conscientious of copyright...

Video Conversion sites: Video that is shared on sites under creative commons may not be in a usable format. The following sites can be used to either download directly or convert files so that they can be easily used by video editing software

Online Digital Video Hosting Service for Educators

Other Resources

Copyright Resources