inspiration.gifBuilding Strong Thinking Skills with Kidspiration ®

Kristin Hokanson, UMASD

What is Kidspiration®?
Kidspiration is a graphic organizing tool designed to match the learning needs of K-5 learners. It provides an easy way to apply the proven principles of visual learning. Visual learning is a great method for teaching students how to think, so they can learn. Students can use this software program to build graphic organizers by combining pictures, text and spoken words to represent thoughts and information.
(Mac/PC) sample CD available.
Using Kidspiration®
OPENING SCREEN: The opening screen, as pictured below, gives you the option of starting a new document, opening a document or choosing from one of the many already designed activity templates offered by Kidspiration ® .

For emerging readers, all text is supported by icons. Speech supports literacy development by reading aloud
Picture View vs. Writing View

kidsppicture.gifPicture View:
Student can use a variety of templates or build their own to organize their thoughts.

kidspwriting.gifWriting View:
Takes the material that has been organized GRAPHICALLY and turn it into a prewriting activity

There are 75 Standards Based Learning projects that are already built into Kidspiration® software.

kidsppublish.gifPublishing work :
Kidspiration 2 also provides the ability to publish to a word processing program: Microsoft® Word, AppleWorks® , or Scholastic Keys™

Teacher Application Options :
By turning on the stylus option, Kidspiration ® can be used with a Smartboard to easily interface a whole class activity.

Reading & Writing:
Young readers learn to analyze literature using the tools in Kidspiration®.
Sample Primary LA: Letter sounds
Sample Reading : Comparing Stories
Sample Writing: Rainy Day
Social Studies:
Provides multiple ways to identify common characteristics, analyze similarities and differences, comprehend information, and get information organized.
SAMPLE: Ben Franklin
Making observation and drawing conclusions are emphasized in early science standards. Kidspiration® gives students a way to organize and express their scientific understanding
SAMPLE: Science Experiment
Visual learning techniques help K-5 students master core math skills and develop an understanding of numerical relationships and math patterns.
SAMPLE: Making Change

This tutorial is a great starting point for learning how to use Kidspiration®. The tutorial introduces basic diagramming and writing tools in Kidspiration®, including the new Symbol Maker drawing tool, enhanced SuperGrouper® options and the new one-click transfer to a word processor.

The tutorial is organized in mini-lessons. Each mini-lesson introduces you to several of the unique features in Kidspiration®. When you finish the tutorial, you will be ready to create diagrams, writing projects and activities on your own. select a grade and subject area to find practical examples, lesson plans and real-life classroom stories.