The Connected Classroom
Monday, Feb 11th 3:15 - 4:15 pm EST
Program Description: There's no mistaking society’s shift in focus from thriving on competition to the need for collaboration. Communication and conversation are among the keys to learning. Learn how to use emerging technologies to build community, foster collaboration and creativity. Learn ways to get students to connect to one another, information and the world.
Who are you?
  • Elementary
  • Middle school
  • High School
  • Administrator
  • Professional Developer / Coach

  • What does it mean to be "connected"?
  • Why is this an important skill for kids?
Map it out

  • wikis: Get your Ad free wikispace for teachers
  • skype: Voice over internet...allows you to chat, talk, and video conference quickly and easily
  • yugma: Use yugma with skype to share desktops and make collaborating a snap
  • google docs: When working on a "team" this allows you to share a document rather than creating many versions
  • Mind42: A great way to collaborate on a graphic organizer.
  • Twitter: The most fun learning network I have ever known

Meet Our Guests
Subject / Grade
Tool & Educational Objective
Contact information
Chrissy Hellyer
New Zealand
Year 7 Classroom Teacher
Voice Thread
Voice Thread

Many of Chrissy's resources are shared on her class blog and wiki.
Class wiki:
Class Blog:
Lisa Parisi
Long Island, NY
5th Grade teacher
Class Blogmeister
Students: Classblogmeister

Personal: Blogger -
Maria Knee
Deerfield, NH
Kindergarten Teacher
wikis in early childhood
Wiki Projects
Maria provides wonderful relevant learning opportunities for her Kindergarteners
Here is her home page

She will be sharing her student's 100 day book

Chris Harbeck
Winnepeg, Canada
Grade 8 Math Teacher
Virtual Classroom
Get yours free Elluminate Vroom at
Elizabeth Helfant
St. Louis, MO
Upper School Technology Coordinator
Google Docs, xTimelines
Connect to create Online Portfolios

John Maklary
Houston, TX
Technology/Middle School
Podcasting to Connect
http://jp2washingtondc.blogspot .com.
Kristin Hokanson

Karl Fisch & Ann Davis
King of Prussia, PA
Technology Integration Mentor
Live blogging
Continuing the Conversation
Karl & Ann were able to join us and talk about a great live blogging project with A Whole new Mind

this is the link to the day I got to blog with the class
Linda Nitsche
Spring City, PA
Elementary Gifted Support
Networking with Ning
Class Wiki:

Some other folks who are provide real world, authentic learning experiences by getting their kids connected...
you should check them out
Mr. Mayo: A DC English teacher
Brian Crosby: Grade 5 teacher from Reno, NV

Pair & Share...Find someone in this room and share 1 thing you think you will implement in your classroom before the end of this year...Where do you want to go from here?

Extend the learning
Don't let this session end when you leave this conference session.
  • Please add your thoughts & ideas to the mind map or discussion tab on this page.
  • Please add your contact information to the discussion tab of this wiki.
  • Please stay connected.

Please note: All planning for this session was done using this document