Sharing Student Work

When students know they have an audience, there is high motivation and active engagement in their work. By creating a social connection
SlideShare is a way to host student-produced Microsoft PowerPoint and Macintosh Keynote presentations.


A blog is an online journal that allows the owner to post entries. Many blogs allow readers to comment on these posts but the comments are linear in fashion.
Great example of High School using blogs for Professional Development and in classrooms is The Fischbowl. Scroll to the bottom and check out some of the classblogs (Anne Smith's 9th Grade Honors English is a must read)


While blogs are controlled by their owner, a wiki is a type of website that allows multiple users to collaboratively create and edit pages. Generally, they provide a means for open, worldwide collaboration on all kinds of topics.
Sample Wikis used in classrooms
WikiBooksis a collection of free content textbooks that you can edit. This is a wiki with GoogleEarth tours that students created while studying in their classrooms.; If you are ooking for a teacher mentor that is aligned with the changing face of literacy--be sure to sign in at this site.. Is a great for an 11 and 12 Information Technology in a Global Society classes. One use is to create a collaborative essay as a practice before students write their own essay--and check out the Flat Classroom project
A great example of a connected classroom project in wiki form is the Thousand and One Flat World Tales Project

AND DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT VICKI DAVIS'S WIKISPACE IN WESTWOOD, GA. Click HERE to see vicki's blog entry on 5 ways she uses wikis in her classroom

Podcasts - WillowWeb
- -> WillowWeb creator Tony Vincent runs a website called Learning In Hand. Check out this site for HOW to create student Podcasts.

Apple Computer has professional development designed for educators learning how to produce a video podcast:

For more information about content creation tools visit CyberSchool
Will Richardson created a wiki resource for his PETE & C keynote that has even more information about web2.0 skills in school.