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Task 1

Listen to 1 - 2 episodes of podcasts from the model pages. on the notesheet below, list some of the things you notice about the style? How do the podcasts meet the instructional goals of the classes? How is it different from a traditional assignment?



Radio Willow Web:
Bob Sprankle's Bit by Bit:

Middle School

French grammar:
Coulee Kids:
*note: the coulee kids will open in iTunes application

High School

French fluency:
9th Grade Social Studies: (note...stop the player it is currently playing an interview, vs an actual student created podcast- listen to some of the podcasts below)


Coverit Live

Task 2

Finding and subscribing to Educational Podcast.
It is a good idea if you are going to have students creating podcasts that you have good models to share with them. Using the educational podcasts listed find 2 -3 podcasts and subscribe using iTunes. Add your list of what you found to our notes
The podcast I shared

Appleā€™s iTunes Store
iTunes has a built-in podcast directory. After launching iTunes, click the Podcasts icon in the Source panel. The categories are listed on the bottom-left of the screen.You can also perform a search. iTunes is free software for Windows and Macintosh.
But there are other places onine to find great podcasts
Education Podcast Network
This website gives teachers looking for content to teach with and about one place that brings together a wide range of programming. New podcasts are continually being added to this resource.

Podcast Pickle
Podcast Pickle, is both a podcast/vodcast directory and community. It was listed as one of Time Magazines 50 "coolest" sites in August, 2006 it houses more than 12,000 podcasts and vodcasts appeared. The link above goes to the educational directory

Podcast Alley
The Podcast Alley website has the most extensive listing of podcasts on the web. It ranks podcasts based on the number of votes they receive each month. Don't limit yourself to the education category. Many applicable podcasts can be found in other categories! You can also perform a search.

NPR podcast directory

Task 3

Get some practice with the tool...
Find a friend and create a 2 minute introduction. Who are they? What do they teach? How are they currently using technology in their class? What to they plan to change in the future? Why do they think that technology is important for student learning?\Re

Task 4

Put it all together
Create an enhanced podcast that puts together everything you learned today. This podcast can be about your plans for next year, what you learned, what you still question or it can add on to something you did this morning.

Our Podcasts

NOTE THE PODCASTS FROM THIS SESSION WILL BE POSTED ON THE FOLLOWING HOST SITES** Call in intros Audio Podcasts can support audio & video podcasts


A few things to think about...

These are my links to resources that will help you develop your own policies for your classroom

Other Resources

Kristin's Podcasting Resources Page
UM CFF Garageband Tutorial Page..with directions for students
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