Classrooms For the Future Bootcamp Valley Forg[e

Google Me

  • How are you using Google Tools in your district? Please fill out this FORM
  • Video: See videos page for ideas
  • Using Docs to Collaborate Across the State
  • Each location- Valley Forge, Harrisburg, New Cumberland & Pittsburgh will be broken up into 12 groups. Be sure to join the document that matches your group...
  • Turn to table & talk (10 minutes to share what they currently doing) 1 idea per table
  • Put Yourselfon the map
  • Recap: Some of the challenges- Please record on your Doc so we have a good outline of notes from the session
  • Going forward...As you do projects in your school, please add them to the Project Samples Page.
  • Feel free to use the notes and resources on the About the Tools page of this site.

Digital Responsibility


5 minutes - Introduction/Group Discussion
15 minutes - Video (intro) Review 4 prongs of Fair Use
10 minutes - Scenarios
5 minutes - NETS*S and NETS*T Correlation - Digital Citizenship
20 minutes - Creative Commons intro & Copyright Safe media resources.
10 minutes - Group wrap up, practical applications.

Notes from Coverit Live

SESSION 1 Recording (audio only)

Streaming live video by Ustream

SESSION 2 Recording (audio & video-screenshots)

Video clips at Ustream