What is Social Networking?

With stories like Growing Up Online - PBS Frontline it is no wonder parents have concerns about what their children are doing online. Here are some good resources to help you to help your kids understand the simple lessons of living online.

Why the intrigue of Social Networking?

More about MySpace
My Space Parent Information Page There are plenty of good things happening on my space including getting youth to get involved in politics, philanthropy, and community activities. They provide resources to helping organizations tackle issues ranging both globally and locally.
MySpace has also teamed with iKeepSafe.org to create a PSA about Internet Safety

A Parent's Guide
Parent Guide to Social Networking A booklet from the IA State Attorney General's Office

National School Boards Association's stand on social networking
The National School Boards Association finds that safety concerns over online social networking are overblown, and recommends schools become more comfortable with social networks and seek educational uses for online social networking.
"The National School Board Association published recommendations on online social networking based on a study conducted by Grunwald And Associates, LLC, and funded by Microsoft, News Corporation and Verizon. The study comprised of 3 surveys: an online survey of 1,277 9-17 year old students, phone interviews with 1,039 parents, and phone interviews with 250 school district leaders who make Internet policy. 9-17 year old students average 9 hours per week on social networking activities, including IM, texting, and using myspace and other online social networks. By comparison, they spend roughly 10 hours watching television. 96% of students with internet access say they have used social networking technologies. 81% have visited a social networking Website in the past 3 months, and 71% report using social networking tools at least weekly. 59% talk about education-related topics online and over 50% talk about schoolwork. Despite strict policies against online social networking in school, students and parents report few problems with online behavior, and district leaders and parents see potential benefits of using social networking in education. The NSBA recommends that schools reconsider their policies regarding online social networking." Read more...

Parenting the "MySpace" Generation
Cable in the Classroom's Presentation, Press Release and Fact Sheet

More Parent Resources
I-Safe Parent-to-Parent
CyberSafe Kids, CyberSavvy Teens
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WiredSafety Parent Page
IKeepSafe.org Parent Resource Center
Understanding a Child's Virtual World (includes videos) - Incredible Internet/Qwest
NetSmartz411:Internet Safety Help (answers to common questions)
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NetSmartz Real Life Stories - includes videos and news stories
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Some blog posts on keeping kids safe online
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