The world is constantly changing. Using online maps is a good way to connect your students to the world of information. Here are some good interactive map resources for use in the classroom. Click edit this page to add additional map resources that you use in your classroom.
Here is a link to sites tagged MAPS

Interactive Maps
Interactive World Atlas
Worldbook Online
Penn State Maps: Choose the online library for links and printable maps for your classroom
World Sunlight Map

Google Maps Click here for more information about google earth. This will take you to a NEW page.

Map Mashups
Platatial: Use this with your students to create an interactive map experience
SAMPLE: Women who changed the world




Virtual Field trips
Take your students on one of the many field trips listed in by

THIS RESOURCE on the Connected Classroom. has many more ideas for field trips.

Other trips or virtual experiences
  • NASA Quest: offers free Web-based, interactive challenge that are designed to engage students in authentic scientific and engineering processes.
  • Shedd Aquarium in Chicago goes web2.0 by allowing visitors to upload videos taken there.

World Clock
estimated information about how the world