Connecting to Information

How do I keep up with the changing world of information...?

Read, link, read...
RSS: or "Really Simple Syndication" is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news or podcasts. RSS makes it possible to keep up with your favorite web sites in an automated manner instead of having to check each one manually. Use an aggregator like bloglines to collect your favorite blogs all in one place.
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Not only can you tag your OWN favorite blogs, you can see what your favorite bloggers are reading as well.

Sample RSS Aggregators
  • Bloglines>
  • Is an easy to use and set up ad free RSS reader.You can organize your feeds into folders and make them public or private
  • Google Readereasy to import subscriptions from other readers and it can be added to iGoogle
  • Netvibes
  • PageFlakes has “Widgets” or other items you can add to your page other than just plain RSS feeds. It has a Podcast player that you can add and use to listen to podcasts, as well as being able to add the weather, news, a search and other widgets and really customize your start page to be an information center.
This is a really good tutorial for RSS, created by Jeff Utecht (The Thinking Stick)
and a good blog post describing the difference between the 4 readers listed above.

and check out the notes from the Keystone Session on RSS & Research by Chris Champion & Elisha Pospisil