Watch this short VIDEO from PodGrunt that explains podcasts in simple terms
Tony Vincent's Definition of a Podcast: A podcast is audio or video on the web that can be cataloged and automatically downloaded.

From Tony's Keystone Presentation Listen Up Teachers Tony has a ton of resources at his Learning In Hand Website

Podcast Directories: places to find other people’s podcasts
Apple’s iTunes Store
iTunes has a built-in podcast directory. After launching iTunes, click the Podcasts icon in the Source panel. The categories are listed on the bottom-left of the screen.You can also perform a search. iTunes is free software for Windows and Macintosh.
But there are other places onine to find great podcasts
Education Podcast Network
This website gives teachers looking for content to teach with and about one place that brings together a wide range of programming. New podcasts are continually being added to this resource.

Podcast Pickle
Podcast Pickle, is both a podcast/vodcast directory and community. It was listed as one of Time Magazines 50 "coolest" sites in August, 2006 it houses more than 12,000 podcasts and vodcasts appeared. The link above goes to the educational directory

Podcast Alley
The Podcast Alley website has the most extensive listing of podcasts on the web. It ranks podcasts based on the number of votes they receive each month. Don't limit yourself to the education category. Many applicable podcasts can be found in other categories! You can also perform a search.

NPR podcast directory

  1. It's not called a "pod"cast for nothing...If you used iTunes to find the podcast, you can simply click the external image subscribebutton.gif button.
  2. Unfortunately, many web pages for podcasts do not have the iTunes badge, but most have either an external image RSS.gif, external image XML.gif,or external image feed-icon.gif badge. Clicking the badge will show you the RSS feed for the podcast. If you drag and drop the badge from the web page into the iTunes Podcast window, iTunes will subscribe to the podcast and automatically download the latest episode. OR
  3. hoose "Subscribe to Podcast" from the Advanced menu in iTunes. You will need to copy the RSS URL address and paste it into the window.
Tony Vincent has great Visuals on his site

1. Listen in iTunes or on an iPod
Of course, you can listen to podcasts directly from iTunes on a computer OR plug in the iPod and podcasts are automatically synchronized onto the device. Pocasts are neatly organized on the iPod and can be automatically deleted from the iPod.
2. Listen on a Palm or Windows Mobile handheld
You can use the card


Ok, so how do I do this in MY classroom...Let's take a look at 2 tools that can help...

Podcasting Tutorial An excellent three part Podcasting tutorial by Franklin McMahon who produces his own podcasts in Creativecow.net and Media Artist Secrets. The tutorials were created using Flash screencasts and cover techniques for recording, tagging, syndicating, and publicizing a podcast. Click below to be linked directly to the screencasts.
1) Upload to Wikispaces.
2) Take RSS feed from Wikispaces and setup in FeedBurner.
3) Submit FeedBurner feed to iTunes.
Navigating the software.
PROJECT: Scavenger hunt and create your own podcast.
Audacity Tutorials
  • Audacity Scavenger Hunt and Practice
Garage Band Tutorials
  • Garage Band Scavenger Hunt and Practice

Podcast-safe Audio

Read this Mastermind Article about where to find free music for your videos and podcasts.

Ideas for Podcasting Projects:
Our City Podcasts

Subscribe Free
Add to my Page

My Odeo Podcast

Put your Audio Introduction on your profile page.

You can use code to play a podcast right on your wikispace page.

  1. Record your podcast on your computer and export as an mp3 file.
  2. Click on Manage Space > List and Upload Files
  3. Click on Upload files and upload your podcast from your computer (not file must be smaller than 20 mb)
  4. Find your file on the Files List
  5. Right-click (or Ctrl-click) on the link next to your file name, and Copy Link Location (Copy Shortcut).
  6. Paste the copied url into the code between the " " below where is says http://Replace_this_with_the_location_of_your.mp3
  7. Copy the whole code and click on the TV icon above.
  8. Paste the copied code into the box
  9. Save the media
  10. Save the page
<embed src="**http://Replace_this_with_the_location_of_your.mp3**"
autostart="false"  loop="false"  width="300"  height="16"
controller="true"  bgcolor="#FF9900"></embed>

Code to change, copy & paste
<embed src="**http://Replace_this_with_the_location_of_your.mp3**"
autostart="false"  loop="false"  width="300"  height="16"
controller="true"  bgcolor="#FF9900"></embed>

How will YOU use podcasts this year...?